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We are pleased to announce the completion and initial testing of our new "Tru-H2™" hydrogen generation system.

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  • New Corporate Identity

ImaGEN Inc. (formerly known as Trulite, Inc.) is a pioneer in chemical hydride fuel cell hydrogen technologies.

  • The New "Tru-H2" Prototype

Tru-H2 is the first green, on-site and on-demand hydrogen generation and distribution system.

  • Proven Fuel Cell Technology

Our patented fuel cell system will also be available for deployment in portable power applications.

The future is now!

This easily deployable, low energy, small footprint system is designed to parallel the growing electric vehicle supercharger network for battery powered vehicles (BEV) by creating green hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV). Additionally, other initial market segments we will serve include material handling/forklifts, light/medium/heavy duty trucks, and other non-vehicle applications such as backup power for data centers and telecommunications towers.

Utilizing readily available chemicals as the primary feedstock to create hydrogen, ImaGEN solves numerous challenges that have previously prevented full-scale hydrogen adoption.

Additionally, the company is currently developing proprietary technology to "re-generate" its spent fuel which would enhance its green footprint.

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